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I'm a creator and editor of images moving and still. With over 15 years of experience, I provide hands-on content production and consulting.

Is this you?

You have worked with a number of designers and editors but none of them understood your brand. The designs were never quite right and you were offered deals or packages that didn't suit your needs.

You have a high level of expertise in your field but keeping up with trends in online video and social media is just too big a task. From YouTube to Instagram, Tiktok, ads, long form, short form, podcast and more, you're not sure how to wrap your head around it all.

You want to provide value to your audience but there's only so much you can do with your own time or your team. You're looking for the right partner to take your content to the next level and create high quality content.

How I can help you

I have worked with academic researchers, wedding photographers, marketers, chefs, woodworkers, programmers, singing instructors and more. I specialize in getting to know you and your content.

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  • Branding and Message

  • Photography and Video Production

  • Graphic and Motion Design

If you would like a quick glance...

Here is an overview of some of the work I have done for my clients. But if this is too quick, just keep on scrolling and I will have more info for you.

The people I work with and our projects



Do you have questions regarding your branding? How to create better thumbnails or how to develop your editing and graphics? Are you trying to find out which platforms or formats suit your needs? Would you like to find out options and viable steps you can or should take next? Send me your questions, as well as where you're at on your journey. After I had a chance to look into your situation, we will get on a 1-hour call and discuss your possibilities.

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YouTube Editing

I work for a small number of creators as a regular YouTube editor and motion designer. If you're interested in hiring me as your editor, please let me know the details of your project and what exactly you're looking for. Together we'll explore our options of working together.


Looking for something else?

Do you need graphic elements for your live streams? Are you interested in doing a workshop to work in-depth on your video needs? Are you looking for Lottie animations to use in your app? Let's talk about it! If I don't have the solution, I might be able to recommend someone who does. I'm here to help!

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I would love to hear from you and what you are trying to achieve. Let me know how I can help!