Brand identity and social media content

In live workshops I give guidance on how to use digital video and social media content to strengthen brand identities and develop social media strategies

Published on
July 19, 2023
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Weltanschauungsfragen is a group of experts in the field of cult and topics concerning worldviews and ideologies. They offer information, advice and orientation from a Christian perspective. In 2021 and 2022 I worked with Weltanschauungsfragen in order to further develop their brand and understand the potential of different social media platforms.

In our first project we got together to understand the topic of explainer videos and how the format could be used to benefit Weltanschauungsfragen.

Live Workshops

In a live workshop we discussed the goals of using explainer videos, the potential topics that could be illustrated in video, interesting competitors, as well as styles to develop a look and feel, based on some of the existing visual branding. Furthermore we centred in on the target audience: the demographics and the platforms they most likely use. This is because we always want to first gain a better understanding of the people we are trying to reach, who they are, what they enjoy and also what they need.

Finally we discussed different options regarding formats, storytelling, graphic design and animation style, as well as the effort involved and pricing so we could focus on the right product to create. 

The result of this workshop was a common understanding of our goals and the following production process. In other words: We created a vision of what we wanted to achieve. 

A still image from the explainer video on the topic of conspiracy theories. The still is a cutout collage of iconic images representing different conspiracy theories: flat earth, chemtrails, 9/11, Elvis and the illuminati
Still image from our final video revolving around conspiracy theories

My team and I then took these findings, as well as the desired content from the client in order to produce the video: From script to final product, we put our heads together to tell an engaging story in a visual language that communicates knowledge, while not taking itself all too seriously. Have a look below!

The following year Weltanschauungsfragen wanted to dive deeper into social media. The group prepared a catalogue of questions to discuss, so I got busy. In a second workshop we worked on understanding the social media presence of various competitors, what formats and media could be used, as well as the resources needed to get different social media strategies and campaigns off the ground. 

With all of these strategic approaches, I always focus on target audience first. We don't just want to throw ourselves head first into a project, but we want to understand who we're doing it for.

Who needs our content, our knowledge, our experience and where can these people be found?

What content do they enjoy and how can we reach them while staying authentic ourselves?

These are some of the questions I always work through with my clients. We need a strong WHY, as well as a strong WHO. And then we can arrive at our HOW: We understand which social media platforms to work with, the trends and strategies to implement and how we can use them to our advantage. But this is only part of the picture: My main goal is always to stay real, to keep the focus on who we are and what we want to achieve. We want to grow, but not for the numbers' sake. The goal is always to reach the right people and give them exactly what they're looking for.