About me

As a lifetime learner, I have spent years not only in the academic realm but also learning from the world around me. I believe that every day is an opportunity to develop knowledge and understanding that will only push us further in any endeavours we choose to take on. Since my youth, I have been fascinated with the way a story can be told not only through words but also sight and sound.

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‍In academic terms, my first love was media technology which I studied majoring in Audio/Video production. During these undergraduate days, I worked behind the scenes of a local news broadcast and dipped into various design and branding projects as a freelancer. This combined education and experience inspired me to keep pushing forward. I wanted to see more of the world and moved from Austria to Australia to get my Master's in Digital Design. Hungry for more knowledge and opportunity in an exciting arena, I went on to get my Ph.D, which taught me more analytical skills and has given me further insights into innovative technologies.

Having been a freelancer in many areas of media production, as well as a media producer in a successful innovation management team, I went on to specialise in the exciting world of online video and YouTube video production. As I launched my business, I was blessed to work with brilliant educators from all backgrounds and to help them bring their ideas to a wider audience. Before long, what started as an independent gig became a business with multiple talented employees. I learned so much from this leadership role and truly cherished the experience. 

Inevitably, however, change is a part of life. As much as I loved my team, I reached a point where I needed to get back to the core of what I love doing. As my passion lies in creating and working hands-on with clients, I stepped away from my management role to fly solo again. Now, as a consultant, author, and media enthusiast, I build strong connections with each client while truly listening and carving out a personalized strategy. One of my favorite pieces of feedback I received from a client said: "Julia makes your mission her own." Ultimately, this is what I strive for. Whatever your goals, I am thrilled to help you achieve them.      


Studio Lilum
Since 2017

Video Production and Motion Design

With a strong focus on YouTube for educators, I have been helping creators tell their stories through moving images.

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2016 - 2017

Digital Content Production

This exciting role in the passionate innovation management team allowed me to do everything: Photography, video production, web design, event organisation and more.

Griffith University
2011 - 2016

Motion Design

As a freelancer I got to join the information services team to support educators and researchers sharing their interesting and complex work.

Griffith University
2011 / 2013

Sessional teaching

As part of my PhD studies, I also had the opportunity to dive into teaching several lectures in my previous degree.

2011 -2017

Media production

I have spent a fair bit of time doing project work from brand design, to photography, video editing and production, web design, motion design and more.


Griffith University
2011- 2015

Doctor of Philosophy in New Media

I had the extraordinary opportunity to study at Griffith University in Brisbane with the help of a scholarship under the guidance of Andrew Brown, Matt Ditton and Herman van Eyken. In my research I explored generative video editing algorithms as artistic tools. My core question was: How could music videos be different, every time you watch them? I'll admit, it was pretty out there, but the research was exciting and I gained a ton of various skills in this time.

Griffith University
2010 - 2011

Master of Digital Design

After finishing my undergrad, I wanted to travel the world and I was endlessly fascinated by Australia back then. It is at the other end of the world after all and the degree was perfect for me. I majored in motion design and got into my first animation jobs.

FH St. Poelten
2006 - 2009

Bachelor of Science: Media Technology

Fresh out of high school, I went to study in my hometown - not that I wasn't already interested in travelling basically anywhere, but the degree at FH St. Poelten happened to be the perfect one for me. Lots of practical courses that introduced me to a ton of different subjects. I majored in audio and video engineering.


Video Production

I focus on working with educators to get their message across. I work with clients on simple talking head edits, complex animated explainer videos and ad campaigns.

Motion Design

"What software did you use for these graphics?" is a regular YouTube comment when people watch my motion designs. That's the thing though: Interesting graphics can take a lot of thought, expertise, mindfulness of the brand at hand and a good portion of handmade work.

Graphic Design

Every design is guided by a visual language, by history, trends and the narratives we tell. From motion design to posters to UX: I bring a good grasp of a wide range of disciplines to support our projects.

Brand Messaging

The message: It's key, no matter what we do. You need a flyer for your workshop? Or a video ad for your courses? If you're unsure of the message, I will help you make sure your message is clear before we create the visual.

Social Media Strategy

You're a small business owner and can't wrap your mind around social media? Or you're running a team within a big corporation and you want to create an explainer video to put your services out there? It's not easy figuring out what to do and how to do it effectively. When we work together, I won't just help you create your video, I will make sure your social media strategy is on point.


Let's face it: The only constant thing is change, especially in our media landscape. Which platforms do we use? Are ads still a thing? Can we show images on Instagram or do we all need to post reels? And what about AI? We always have to learn how to navigate this realm and make sure our businesses don't just stay afloat, but thrive. I will make sure whatever we work on isn't yesterday's news but in line with current trends and best practices.

Let's talk about your project

I would love to hear from you and what you are trying to achieve. Let me know how I can help!